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For over 70 years, fans have opened their newspapers first to the funny pages, catching up on the adventures of their favorite pipe-smoking, outdoorsman, Mark Trail as he saved his beloved Lost Forest from poachers, vandals and evil developers. Now, these fans have an opportunity those poachers, vandals and evil developers never had – the chance to own some of the original art treasures from Lost Forest!
Burnt Biscuit Books of Newnan, GA, is happy to announce they’re teaming with the estate of Mark Trail creator, Ed Dodd, to bring his vast collection of comic strip art directly to the public for the very first time.
This should be of great interest not just to collectors but to Georgians who grew up knowing that the comic wasn’t totally fictional. While the nation dreamed of finding Trail’s Lost Forest, the lush and beautiful wildlife preserve he called home, Atlanta residents knew it was just up the road in Sandy Springs. Much like the hero he created, Dodd himself was never without a pipe, owned a St. Bernard like Trails’ trusty companion, Andy, and lived in an artist’s studio on 130 acres of woodlands he dubbed Lost Forest!
Beating Smokey the Bear by over a year, Trail was a fighter for the environment well before it was in vogue. Dodd, too, practiced what he preached. He was named Georgia Conservationist of the Year in 1967.  And, in 1991, the year of his death, the U.S. Congress designated over 16,000 acres of the Chattahooche National Forest as the Mark Trail Wilderness.
Trail is still in syndication today, making it one of the nation’s longest running comic strips. At its peak in the 60s, about 500 newspapers carried the strip. Mark Trail was so adored that when the Washington Post discontinued it in 1991, they received more letters protesting the decision than they did about Watergate!
Dodd’s amazing estate of art not only encompasses a wide array of Mark Trail daily and Sunday strips, but a collection of his peers like Walt Kelly (Pogo), Ernie Bushmiller (Nancy), Al Capp (Li’l Abner) and more.
While Dodd produced decades of Trail strips, very few actually remain. Literally a ton of the original boards ended up being recycled, plowed into the fields of his Lost Forest Home, staying true to his philosophy of always returning back to nature.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Burnt Biscuit Books is privileged to handle the estate of the Bram Stoker Award-nominated writer, Philip Nutman.  He was internationally known for his horror classics, the novel Wet Work and collection Cities of Night as well as appearances in the anthologies, Borderlands 2 and Splatterpunks. Mr. Nutman got his start as a feature journalist for a host of international film magazines, including Fangoria, which is how he met his mentor, Clive Barker.  

A respected historian of horror cinema, Mr. Nutman was the author of Scream and Scream Again, the Uncensored History of Amicus Productions, the definitive history of the legendary production company. His screenplays include Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door.  His comic book titles include Suspira, Evil Ernie, Chasity, Marvel’s Hellraiser series and the young reader’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
This is a very extensive collection of sci-fi and horror books, limited first editions, signed works, vintage paperbacks and children’s books.  There are many out of print books pertaining to all genres of films (horror, cult, noir, international, etc.), Hollywood and British film history, movie posters and one-of-a kind film related ephemera.
There are hundreds of horror related comics and magazines, including Fangoria, The House of Hammer, Gorezone and Video Watchdog.  There are also many out of print and hard to find DVDs, CDs and laserdiscs.  Plus very rare 60s and 70s toys and action figures
Most of the rarer books and ephemera will be listed on our Ebay Store here:
The crux of his vast film library can be found at our Amazon Store here:
We foresee it will take a few months to catalogue everything.  Please do keep checking back.


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We Buy Books and Records in Atlanta

We Buy Whole Collections and Estates of Books in Atlanta!

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We pay top dollar for whole collections, libraries and estates of books, music (vinyl, cds) and movies (dvds and vhs tapes).

Burnt Biscuit Books specialized in genealogy, southern history, art and textbooks. We make house calls for big libraries. Anywhere in the Atlanta area. Can also consign antiquarian books and collectables.

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There's A Thin Line Between Schlub and Trafe

There's A Thin Line Between Schlub and Trafe And I Often Cross It!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Book Proposal: The Four Schlub Languages

The Four Schlub Languages: Kvetching, Schlepping, Schtupping and Schmearing.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rare Edward Bunker Penned Archie Comic Found – Escape From Riverdale Penitentiary

Rare Edward Bunker Penned Archie Comic Found – Escape From Riverdale Penitentiary.

Edward Bunker, actor, hard broiled crime author and former career criminal is perhaps best known for his role as Mr. Blue in Reservoir Dogs and his unflinching autobiography about prison life, the Animal Factory.

What isn’t widely known is that Bunker had a two-week writing stint for Archie Comics during the Missouri-based publisher’s failed work release program.

According to former Archie Editor, Mel Furnlap, “It was a noble experiment and Bunker was a great talent, but our sensibilities just didn’t meld.”

“We kept telling him that you can’t alter the Archie Universe. And he kept threatening me with a broken light bulb and the removal of my tongue.

Now, five years after Bunker’s death, his estate has released the infamous script for his crack at the comic, entitled: “Escape From Riverdale Penitentiary.

The gang’s outing to the local drive-in ends in tragedy when they discover that not only has Reggie Mantle been using Archie’s old jalopy to transport a small mountain of coke, but the constant rival also ditched the bodies of two dead hookers in the trunk.

“I thought I smelt something funny,” said local genius, Dilton Doiley. “I just didn’t know I was smelling trouble!”

Carted off to the Riverdale Hoosegow, the Archie gang doesn’t exactly take kindly to prison life.

Moose Mason, perhaps fared the best, quickly joining a white supremacist gang. He would be seen choking a Nation of Islam member with a lanyard keychain he made in shop. He would later marry Midge and during one of their conjugal visits, beat her half to death.

“He just doesn’t know his own strength,” she said in the hospital.

Betty and Veronica continue their infamous cat fights in Riverdale’s Women’s Penitentiary. Although Archie could never decide between them, poor Betty would soon find out that the big bull of a warden, Stella Stevens, definitely preferred blondes. Sadistic guards would later spray Veronica with a firehose during a riotous uprising, cracking her skull against the cement wall, leaving her half paralyzed but still snooty.

Bunker’s version has New fish Archie Andrews getting grisly buggered about every 15 minutes by a revolving cast of jail house characters. Just about every convict in that stinkhole wanted a piece of everything Archie.

According to Andrew’s old high school teammate, Chuck Clayron, already incarcerated for racial profiling during a Riverdale March of Dimes Walk, “That freckled pansy really discovered himself here. I’d say jail was the best thing for him.”

Released a few years later on ever so good behavior, Archie would open up a bead store in Asheville, North Carolina.

Jughead Jones befriends, old-timey, veteran con, Red, and after two decades, escape from Riverdale, patiently using his gray crown beanie to tunnel his way out through a sewer. Bunker’s version of the comic has Jughead in the last panel, arriving in Zihuatanejo, Mexico where he gets severe dysentery and suffers a slow, agonizing death.

Meanwhile, Reggie Mantle’s lawyers would keep him out of jail, allowing him to once again walk away totally scott free. “That’s what that little shit gets for telling me to keep my hands off his guitar,” snickered Mantle as he plunged his face into a Devil's Tower sized platter of marching powder.

Archie Comics has no immediate plans to release the Bunker scripted comic, but it’s rumored that long time Archie fan, Steve Buscemi has been eyeing the project for the small screen. “I’d make a great a great Archie,” claimed the bug-eyed actor. “Wouldn’t I?”

Saturday, May 4, 2013