Monday, December 20, 2010

More Sleigh Bell!

Happy Holdays From Naughty Kvetchings.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Little Lotta kicks cute Lulu's Ass!

Who wouldn’t have crush on Sydney Poitier? He basically brought hundreds or innocent schoolgirls from crayons to Perfume.

Everyone but that Big Bull Dyke, enormously well appetited, definitely Germanic, Little Lotta.

She just absolutely went bat shit crazy when her gal pal Lulu suddenly broke into that schmaltzy song during their final school dance. The one she fought the fucking schoolboards so fucking hard to bring her girlfriend to.

Then and there, Little Lotta’s special friendship with the pixieish singer came to an abrupt, heart crashing end.

The time for their long last looks were now over. She was indeed losing her best special friend to that guest worker moulinyan from British Guinea. How could she possibly giver her heart to that phony charmer?

It was just too soon after she had lost her special friend, Dot, who went on to Westchester to join a special school for young mutants using her ability to throw assorted polka dots all over the place for the good of mankind.

So Little Lotta just snapped. And hammerlocked her former lover, pulling off that truly horrid, Holiday Inn Keychain of an earring and causing severe spinal injury.

After years or rehabilitation, Lulu and fellow pop singer, Dusty Springfield have become life parters. Little Lulu went back to East Germany to coach their Olymic wrestling team to nine consecutive winning seasons.

Little Dot who fell into one of her black hole polka dots has never been seen or heard from since.