Friday, January 20, 2012

Tempest In A Teapot Scalds Tuscaloosa Woman

Tuscaloosa, AL. A High Tea at the Tuscaloosa Ritz Hotel soon turned into tragedy when a small tempest formed in a teapot during a local chapter’s Red Hat Society Meeting, spilling the entire contents of Constant Comment onto the acting treasure’s lap.

According to Meteorologists, the weather anomaly came totally without warning. Hostess, Gwen Porter, a guest worker from London, however, wasn’t too surprised. There had been signs of a cyclone in a cream bowl earlier that day. The Red Hats were as usual making a huge fuss over nothing, complaining about the service and the quality of our scones. They certainly brought that storm in a teacup on themselves.

In a related story, the red hats would later that day attract the unwanted attention of some escaped 4-H farm animals when Bulls suddenly attacked the women as they visited the hotel’s fabulous china shop.

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