Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coming Soon - Bruce Willis in Falcetti and Stone

Falcetti and Stone

During a World Series Playoff, a record heatwave, a Papal visit, a subway fair hike, a citywide blackout, an escaped gorilla from the Central Park Zoo, a garbage strike, the kidnapping of the Mayor’s wife, uncontrollable fires in Flatbush, a gas shortage and a turf war between the Russian and Colombian mobs, Brooklyn Detective, Bruce Willis, is teamed with a rookie cop just transferred from Easter Island.


  1. Goddamn it will be a blockbuster. Though I'm yet to see a block being busted, except when I was a kid, but that's another story...

  2. That sounds like a really long setup for a joke with no punchline.

  3. Kev,

    You know I run a halfway house for jokes that don't go all the way!

  4. Ha!

    I like in how PLANET TERROR, the Bruce is only filmed in close-up, alone, and then a body-double is used (shot from behind) in the rest of the movie.

    His daughter can play the Monster.