Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Need an Awesome Movie Title? – Just Try Some Warren Zevon Lyrics.

I’ve been listening to Excitable Boy over and over the past few days and it’s a bountiful bonanza of bitchin’ movie titles.

If you’re hard pressed finding the perfect moniker for your screenplay, try a few of these on for size:

I Hear Woodrow Wilson’s Guns – A grand oater

Veracruz is Dying – A western or maybe a gang banger flick.

Tenderness on the Block – Another romcom for J.Lo or a coming of age weeper.

Lawyers, Guns and Money – Why hasn’t this been used yet?!!!

Dad, Get Me Out Of This – Ferris Bueller type teen romp or The George W. Bush Story.

She Was With the Russians Too – Cold War Spy Comedy

Nighttime in the Switching Yard – Noir, Noir Noir.

Accidentally like A Martyr – Small indie all over it.

Shadow Love – Contained thriller.

Random Love – Sex Comedy

Werewolves of London – Okay, a remake.

The Hairy-Handed Gent – Fantasy or a bad date story.

Draw Blood – For the next ultra-violent Tarantino wannabe.

Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner – Russell Crow in the jungle with a big ass weapon. Jake Busey as the son-of-a-bitch Van Owen

They’ll be Rocking in the Projects –Music teacher beating the band and the odds in an inner city school

Excitable Boy – I see Jonah Hill as that said boy!

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