Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sex in The City, Harvey Comics Style

Little Dot sells her Mod Chick Fashion line to Target.  Finally lands Ritchie Rich after learning that polka dots indeed makes her look fat.  Gains Krishna Consciousness when one of those damn symbiote spots lands on her forehead.

Little Lotta surprisingly likes men.  Really, really likes men.

LIttle  Audrey finally succumbs to Melvin Wisenheimer’s charms.  They marry and move to Larchmont.  Bored in the burbs, she starts an improper Facebook epistolary romance with her old pal, Tiny.

Wendy the Good Little Witch, after decades of mourning, moves on from the memory of her dead BF, Caspar, with an ill-timed fling with Patrick Swayze. Forms Necrophiliacs Anonymous.  Finds her bad witch side with the former Little Devil, Hot Shot.

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