Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hollywood Update - Why Did The Tomato Blush?

Hollywood, lacking any new existing material to develop, starts looking into Salad dressings as potential blockbusters.

The Breakfast cereal craze is already passe with Count Chocula, Kaboom, Quisp and Captain Crunch projects already slated for production.

With Kraft buying MGM, we can soon expect the synergy spinning into the botttled dressing aisle of your local market now.

Thousand Island – A pirate flick with Matthew Mcconaughey as a baby spinach loving Vegan swsahbuckler.

Hidden Valley - Amanda Seyfried falls in love at the William Sonoma while pricing out salad shooters.

Caeser Salad Dressing – A historic epic. Very cheesy. Brad Pit without his shirt?

Oil and Vinegar – two unmatched cops must work together to bring down the Italian mob. Not to be confused with Universal’s Salt and pepper. Or Paramount's Turner and Hootch and Kibble Remake

Honey Mustard 3 D – Va va voom. CGI reanimated Jayne Mansfield as a PI that makes Honey West just seem kinda flat.

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