Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ronald McDonald House Arrest

When I heard the news that Mayor McCheese pardoned the Hamburglar, I could only Grimace.

The corruption in McDonaldland is like Chicago during Daley!

The Happy Meal Gang continues to run wild. Citizens are scared, keeping to their homes. "We deserve a break today." They protest.

Officer Big Mac went bat ass crazy on one cub reporter. He is currently in stable conditioning, having broken 3 mcRibs.

Where is our iconic clown, town founder, Ronald, when we need him most?

1 comment:

  1. You know, last week I saw Ronnie at a bayside suburb in Melbourne, Australia and he was in the midst of filming an advertisement urging those tubby little McKids full of burgers n fries to get outside and run around and lose that extra poundage.
    Something to do with corporate responsibility he muttered when asked by a roving reporter wht the hell he was doing here when his hometown was running amok.
    *Hrumph* Figures doesn't it? What about social responsibility? Huh?
    I stand aghast at such egregiously poor behaviour by public officials.