Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stark's Tips For Dating A Mermaid

When meeting your mermaid girlfriend's parents for the first time, you should be very complimentary of their tridents.

Most mermaids are very shy and perfer to take things slow. You'll be lucky to get a few fin jobs the first couple of months.

Two things to watch out for when a mermaid is having her period: PMS and Sharks.

When a Mermaid is having her period, it's usually called her Manhattan cycle. When she is having a yeast infection, it's refered to as New England.

I don't mind going down on my mermaid girlfriend. As long as I have a packet of saltines handy

My Mermaid girlfriend douches with vinegar, chips and a newspaper cone.

People with moderate to severe shellfish allergies should refrain from such interspecies dating.

Never, ever, ever ask her for just a little head.

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