Saturday, June 12, 2010

Russ Meyer to direct Shake Weight – The Movie

Sham Wow! It’s Hollywood’s current synchro-geist! Adapting late night infomercials to the big screen. Yesterday, Lionsgate announced that they’re bringing famed making-up-for-it-cause-I-was-never-damned-breast-feed Director, Russ Meyer back behind the camera where he belongs

Shake Weight – The Movie promises to be a titillating journey of a bored housewife, Adrienne Barbeau, who becomes rocket-cone shapely within mere moments of trying out this modern workout technology. With newly toned arms and newly toned empowerment, our heroine leaves the comfort zone of her snuggie cul-de- sac and seeks out fame and fortune, finding escaped Nazi Martin Bormann in the Swiss Alps and kicking his Jew-hating ass.

Meyer promises the movie will be damned bodacious juggernaut. Next project? Salma Hayek in The Pocket Fisherman.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha...poifect plot. Thing is, and I know this is an aside, they never show people on these ads that actually need shake weights, ab-busters, thighmasters, bellybusters or tummytoners. The people using these damn things look fine, if not freaky.
    I say bring on the fatties heaving away on these products. You know...before and after. Then I may be interested.
    Maybe it's just me....