Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dogs Playing Poker – The Movie!!!

Dogs Playing Poker – The Movie!!!

Forget Stagger Lee! Forget Rounders!! Forget the freaking World Series of Poker!!!

The next big, big movie is going to be my adaptation of the infamous, black velvet masterpiece, Dogs Playing Poker.

Hey, if they can make a smash Broadway play out of Seuret’s rather pointy “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island the La Grande Jatte”, why not use something your average I-may-not-know-about-art-but-I-know-what-I-like Joe might already have hanging on his wall?

It’s the Cincinnati Kid with pets!!!

Think of all of the crap we can sell!!!

Talking dogs. We can sell talking dogs. I mean -- Sit Ubu Sit – what kid wouldn’t want a smoky room full of canine cardsharks to interact with?

So, let’s check out the players.

I see Danny Devito as the street savvy and unscrupulous Bulldog. The stakes are high for Danny cause he owes a few thousand bones to the Russian mob. Will this be his Waterloo?

Then there’s Brian Cox as the St. Bernard that has seen it all. He knows all the tells.

And, Ricky Jay, as the collie, doing some Staccato David Mametisms while holding an ace up his flea collar the whole time.

Garfield (The voice of Billy Murray) and Clifford (The voice of Charles Grodin) have plans to knock over this friendly, neighborhood game. They were tipped off by a big-eyed waif named Keane who has thing for the bullfighter print she met at the tiki bar across the hall

Uh, oh, four of a kind meets the big bluff!!!

Joe Dante to direct. Am I right? And, we film in 3D to make that green felt table really pop!

Next week. Cooties -- The Sci Fi Thriller.

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