Friday, April 9, 2010

Foster and Baio To Reunite For Paramount's Bugsy Malone Sequel

Alan Parker is set to direct the Bugsy Malone Sequel, Bugsy Malone 3-D, for Paramount with Jodie Foster and Scott Baio to return in the parts that made them oh so famous.

“It's forty-something years later,” says Parker. “Prohibition is long over. It’s the summer of love in Chicago and within the backdrop of the infamous Democratic Convention, Bugsy is now dealing weed and Tallulah, a feminist, who would burn a bra if she needed one, has taken over Fat Sam’s territory.”

Parker promises that now there will be real guns instead of custard shooters. “This ain’t a kid’s movie this time around,” he says. “There will be corrupt politicians, dirty cops, hippies getting their skulls bashed in and a really hard hitting rock score. Instead of that shrimp, Paul Williams, we have two-thirds of the composers of High Musical 2 on board.”

Baio is eager not only to return to the big screen, but to see his co-star, Foster, again. “I might have been just a kid,” says the actor. “But I had a thing for Jodie bad. I’m kinda hoping something may rekindle here. Hell, I know she’s a snooty big hyphenate now, but, really, what chick can’t resist The Chachi? My bud, Willie Aames (Zapped and Eight is Enough), really thinks I have a good chance here. And, he’s Bibleman now. The dude has an incredible gift of discernment.”

Parker, who hasn’t directed a film since The Life of David Gale in 2003, leveraged himself on the project through good, old-fashioned nepotism after the Hasbro/Parker Brothers buyout of Paramount last year.

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