Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wind to Leave Earth, Wind & Fire To Pursue Political Career

Wind has announced that he will leave the famed funk group Earth, Wind & Fire to pursue a career in politics. Like his fellow, thoughtful entertainer, Kal Penn, Wind, found that it was fine time to stop living the rock and roll lifestyle and give something back to his country.

“He is a crucial classical element and will be missed, replied long time band member, Earth. “I guess we can always rehire our former guitarist, Water. We hear he’s totally clean now. Just not so sure things between him and Fire have totally been patched up. For many years those two brothers just got along like oil and vinegar.”

After being introduced to the President by longtime funk fanatic, T. Boone Bootsy Pickens, Wind has agreed to head up Obama’s newly formed Department of Alternative Energy, Alchemy and Seriously Scary Spending. “I really respect the president,” said Wind, currently residing on a Danish turbo farm and surrounded by tall, awesome blondes with near perfect jawlines. “He truly is a shining star.”

The opportunity proved just too good for Wind to pass on.

When asked for his opinion, Fox News Commentator, Glenn Beck, was for once strangely silent. “I’m afraid I’ve never heard of the group, he said. “I’m just your average, angry white guy with a shitty record collection.”

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