Monday, April 19, 2010


Stephen J. Cannell presents Pippi Long-Silk Stalkings.

Leaving her small Swedish village, an all grown up Pippi moves to Palm Beach and joins the police force, investigating crimes of passion with the assistance of Mr. Nilsson, her aged, justice-seeking monkey.

As she already has the strength of ten policemen, Captain Hutch (Ben Vereen) has no problem with her simian partnership. “The woman can lift a cow,” he says. “You think she really needs any backup?”

The partners’s “Will they or won’t they” flirtations are sure to keep viewers hooked for years of syndication.

Using the rich and beautiful backdrop of Palm Beach, Cannell promises a ton of sexy danger every episode as well as the pigtailed Swede’s signature promiscuity, Loganberry martinis and the tiny hex wrenches she uses as hair braids.

Fans of the original show can rest assured that veteran star, Rob Estes, will return in a small role as Pippi’s Abba-obsessed neighbor, Christopher Lamas, who for some reason must eat every single meal at a Wendys.

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  1. Sounds like a winner to me, it's about time SOMEONE got with the program and thought that this impish little scamp could be put to good use in a grown up type of way.